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  • Ford F-150 Truck Engine:  We have a great old ’93 F-150. It’s only 2-wheel-drive, but most of it is in good condition.  Looking for leads on a solid used engine.
  • Mountain Bikes & bike helmets
  • X-Country Skis and boots – we have amazing ungroomed skiing up here!


  • Perennials especially trees, flowers, and blueberry bushes
  • Sap buckets and taps
  • Seeds / Starts (in the spring)
  • Polyethylene tubing
  • Drip line
  • Tractor Equipment
  • PTO-driven implements: auger, log splitter, back hoe, winch, etc.
  • 3 Point Hitch Implements: double-bottom plow, disc harrow, and more
  • Veggie gear: Soil-block makers, pots, trays, stakes, floating row cover,
  • Broadfork
  • Shovels, pitchforks, hoes
  • Large wrenches / socket set (for the tractor)
  • Guinea Hens (hens only please 🙂

Office Stuff

  • Dry erase / chalk boards
  • Easel
  • Working laptops
  • Working file cabinet
  • Large computer monitor(s)
  • Smart phones (for coordinators and volunteers)

Supplies & Materials

  • Screws, nails,
  • Double Paned windows
  • Clapboards, Lumber (6 ft. long or more), Plywood (4’X4′ or better),
  • Tarpaper, Tyvek, or other housewrap
  • 8″ Metalbestos stove pipe & fittings
  • % Gal. Buckets
  • 55 Gal. Drums (preferably with lids)
  • Insulation: rock wool, foamboard (1/4 sheets or larger)
  • Roofing Tin (at least 4’X3′)

Art Supplies

  • Silkscreening: Ink, screen, frames, squeegies, photo emulsion, blank shirts, printing carousel, lightbox
  • Printmaking: razorblades/knives, brayers, printing ink, Masonite (blonde, 1/2″ – 3/4″, thick clean linoleum
  • Banners: Primary-color housepaint, bolts of fabric & large flat (not fitted) unprinted sheets, brushes (artist or housepaint-style), rollers, spraypaint, bamboo poles
  • General Camera(s): Video or still, Musical Instruments, Sewing machine, miscellaneous craft tools and supplies

Special Gifts and Good Deals

(Thanks for considering this kind of big support. We would also be interested in great prices some of the below items if you can’t donate them.)

  • Large Double or triple-paned windows for the barn
  • Commercial Gas Range / Oven
  • Modern Computers: We manage, but we could really use a couple solid laptops, and/or a laptop with a adequate memory to run the Adobe Creative Suite and other design software.
  • 4WD/AWD Car or Truck: We live up on a mountain, get snowed in regularly, and sometimes have a need to drive on our forest logging roads. We could use a 4WD/AWD car or truck that is inspectable or nearly, or even a running truck that’s not inspectable for on-farm use would be great.
  • Event Tent(s)

Kitchen Gear

  • Gas Range w/ Oven: Ours is old an broken. We are looking for both a household and a commercial sized range
  • Stainless Steel Counters & Storage
  • Knives & Large Cutting Boards
  • Food Processor
  • Juicer

Construction / Tools

  • Table Saw
  • Compressor
  • Generator
  • Ladder Jacks/ Pump Jacks / Scaffolding
  • Extension & Step Ladders
  • Heavy-duty drill (corded)
  • Welder (wire-feed)

Skilled Labor

  • Electric – figuring out our radiant heating, install outdoor light, barn lighting, bathroom fan/light, septic alarm glitch,
  • Timberframing – Barn: 2 post replacement, 2 sill scarf/replacement1 girt scarf or replacement
  • Engineering & Architecture: Re-engineer a portion of a 30′ wide trussroof to accommodate a 2nd story.
  • Biodiesel / Griesel Conversion: Lines replacement etc. for John Deere 5055
  • Excavation work: we have a big french drain to dig on one side of the dairy barn, and would also love to dig a pond and get some other site work done. Got an excavator?


  • Tents, tarps
  • Hammocks
  • Sleeping Bags & Packs
  • Rain gear, boots
  • Rope