A Center for Grassroots Organizing

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This is a project for helping organize mass social movements.

This means space where people from different fields can spend time together, share resources, get creative, and build collaborative strategy. A place for the explosion of radical youth leadership to feel at home and skill-up as organizers. A place to apply our dedication to racial justice with boots on the ground and proactively sharing resources. A place for all of us to connect with the farming and agricultural community, to reconfigure our relationship with our unstable food systems in readiness for the impacts of climate change. A place to work on defending the natural world from the impositions of the corporate world.

It’s a place to get a breath, get our feet on the ground, to feel good about being there with our friends and colleagues, and to get our heads back in the game for the next round.

We feel the most effective way to address social problems is to help large groups of people get coordinated into a powerful whole to influence those problems. Our purpose is to build grassroots organizing, education, training, direct action, and other efforts to help unite contemporary social movements into an effective mass movement. People are welcome to gather here from long distances, to work on alliances and justice projects of many kinds, and to get involved in agricultural systems and other work geared towards healthy relationships with each other and the land.