A Center for Grassroots Organizing

Current Projects

Uprise! Youth Activism Summer Camp

We’re inviting youth ages 13-19 for an amazing week of teen empowerment, creativity, action, and friendship — all while strategizing for our collective future. As mentors with a broad spectrum of skills, we are passionate about empowering teens as organizers, change makers, and allies in our rapidly changing world.  This camp is a collaborative effort by youth from around VT and the region, as well as the Make Arts & Action Collective, Earthwalk Vermont, & Bread and Puppet Theater, as well as less formal mutual aid with other organizers and groups around the State. If you would like to help with publicity or coordination, or ou would like to talk about having a staffing, please get in touch!



Agroecology: The Farm

We’re just getting started. As of this writing we’ve plowed an acre, planted some garlic, and applied for a greenhouse grant that we expect to get and erect a huge greenhouse this spring. The Agriculture team is currently meeting to dial in the details of our many land-use goals and projects. We are working on models to respond to climate instability, human displacement, and economic decline. We will be sending an announcement regarding this work soon, including information about.

  • Access to Land: We’re accepting proposals from people who want to farm the land for short to medium-term. Special consideration for farmers of color, social justice mission driven projects, and regenerative farming proposals.
  • Cooperatives: Our measure of farming success is based on how many people can get involved in sustainable and just agriculture here and on allied projects. We’re working with our partners at the beautiful 600 acre Wheelock Mountain Farm to develop shared resources, programming, and organizers-in-residence.
  • Soil Carbon Farming: One of our top priorities is to establish an intensive grazing program. We will be introducing livestock to the land as we develop the personnel to engage in stewarding and supporting this project.



Movement Mondays

Every Monday groups and individuals gather at the farmhouse to meet and collaborate on projects. This includes working on the needs of the grassroots center and the farm here, as well as Uprise Summer Camp, The National Lawyers Guild, The Vermont Climate Union coordinating collective, the Make Arts and Action Collective, regular youth mentoring and support, and other ongoing partnerships and projects.

Construction and Renovation

Come help us build our movement building space. Our #1 priority for the short term is to get the farm ready to host social movements, in the form of community events, conferences, workshops, and providing open meeting space for greater social justice community and local population.

  • New Barn Floor: Demolition of cow stantions and aerial pipes, framing, insulation, helping mill the floorboards at our next-door neighbor’s sawmill, and flooring install. Once the floor is complete we will be able to host people out of the rain!
  • Barn winterization and finish work: Window repair and replacement, wall & ceiling insulation, furnace installation. Once this is complete we’ll be able to host people out of the cold!
  • Outhouse Construction: Pretty straightforward
  • Tent Platforms: We have some great wall tents, and would like to get a few of them up off the ground to be able to host guests in the spring, summer and fall more comfortably.

Grassroots Organizing and Movement Building

We’re up to a lot:

  • Support and training for the Youth Action Alliance (who are now rolling out Extinction Rebellion Youth in Vermont!)
  • Convening coalitions to work on agricultural education and organizing
  • A 3 day multi-organizational action encampment on our statehouse lawn this fall
  • raining youth and adults to become Know Your Rights and Direct Action trainers themselves, we’re supporting movement building across the state. Vermont Youth Network Organizing: Supporting kids who are dealing with overt racism in their schools and communities, helping build their skills as change makers, as well as cultivating their analysis and strategy around the intersection of white supremacy and catastrophic climate change.

The Make Arts & Action Collective

We make a lot of art with allies around the region. Printmaking, collaborations with grassroots organizations and highschools, art making at events and demonstrations, and all kinds of arts production work,

Gratitude and Solidarity to our Organizational Partners